-From the mind of Wackier.Com - Eat your popcorn with a big soup spoon. 
Elli Mae Clampet was the world's  
greatest female impersonator.  
Go to a wave pool and wave at people. 
Use a small, or better yet, a large stuffed animal 
for your cars hood ornamant. 
Wear a medium sized, crumpled up, 
brown paper bag for a hat,  
decortate it with pieces of chewed gum. 
Attach a round dinner plate to 
the front bumper of your car  
for your license plate. 
Go in to a shoe store and ask for a box of shoes. 
In the ten item only, fast check-out lane in a store, Tell the guy in front of you that he has too many things,also make him count the thing in his pants. 
Issue special Turkey Permits to people. 
Get a Medic Alert Bracelet that says"Allergic to Work." 
Go on a search for the legandary creature, 
Big Foot. And for his legandary wife Big Butt.

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