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1. What's on TV ?
A. Secret Sauce
B. My car keys
C. Dust
D. Nothing worth watching
E. all of the above

2. ____ just makes me wanna dance!
A. Opie Taylor
B. Exlax
C. Pupperoni
D. Our President
E. Ice cold beer

3. Hey! You're still ...
A. Alive!
B. Old!
C. Ugly!
D. Stupid!
E. Conscious!

4. New 3 Stooges Combinations...
A. Larry, Moe & Squirrely
B. Bush, Gore & Nadar
C. Cher, Madonna & Twiggy
D. Yoda, Wally & the Beaver
E. Elvis, Batman & Robin

5. Went to Jupiter to get more stupider...
A. Texting
B. Britney Spears
C. Regis
D. Teletubies
E. American Idol show

6. Who let the dogs out, who who?
A. Oscar Meyer
B. Monica
C. a flasher
D. Two Angry Beavers!
E. Howard Stern

7. What did Santa come down with?
A. Snow Balls
B. Pumpkin Head
C. A North Pole
D. Jelly Belly
E. Christmas Ornamant

8. I been workin' on...
A. The railroad...
B. the space shuttle
C. these pygmies
D. Doughnut Holes
E. the inside

9. Baby it's cold outside. . .
A. Burn a CD
B. kerosene heater, duh!
C. by Guy Lombardo.
D. get me a beer!
E. put your hands in my muff.

10. It's raining...
A. Jose Falicianos.
B. up to your knees.
C. call 911!
D. let's dance!
E. take a leak.

11. O.K. Smoke 'em if_
A. you got 'em.
B. you suck.
C. they mess with ya.
D. you can't dance.
E. you can't snort em.

12. Just say no to . . .
A. Drugs.
B. Schnauzers.
C. Anything Disney.
D. soap.
E. Robert Goulet

13. Obvisously, Old King Cole was..
A. a merry ole soul.
B. gay.
C. spoiled.
D. related to Nat.
E. a moron.

14. Oh, That's very big of you...
A. Lard boy.
B. Golieth
C. Baby Huey!
D. King Kong.
E. Xena.

15. Uncle Sam...
A. wears no underware.
B. wants you Sheila.
C. is my biological father.
D. Can't do diddley
E. keeps giving people the finger.

16. Who invented styrofoam?
A. Really, some dude named Mr. Styrofoam.
B. Betty Crocker.
C. Mork from Ork.
D. GingerBread Man.
E. Pillsbury Doughboy.

17. What's wrong with Singer - Madonna?
A. Too much space between front teeth.
B. Wears Underware on outside of clothes.
C. Nothing, of course, she's perfect.
D. She's Hot !
E. Too Religious.

18. Define"Quartz Movement"
A. What you have after eating sand.
B. Political idea that 4 quarts = 1 gallon.
C. Rad new punk rock group.
D. when you drop your wine jug.
E. playing spin the bottle.

19. Save the Whales..
A. from Time Life, collect the whole set...
B. adopted me.
C. in new tupperware whale bowls.
D. from themselves.
E. for dessert.

20. Define "Cool Whip"
A. getting whipped with a cold wet noodle.
B. Jack Frost's bondage service.
C. a popsickle kicked your butt!
D. fancy rainbow colored leather rope.
E. new punk Hair Style.

21. What made Mona Lisa Smile?
A. She Farted.
B. What Women Want.
C. Dolly Pardon.
D. She read my lips.
E. Nobody knows.

22. Star Fruit :
A. Richard Simmons.
B. Ellen.
C. Erkylle
D. Robin Williams.
E. Sponge Bob Square Pants.

23. New slogan for Jim Cramer on Mad Money show.
A. Hose 'em down!
B. Unplugged.
C. Hit the dirt!
D. Hardwood floor.
E. It's Only Money!

24. New slogan for my pants.
A. Go Meat
B. Just microwave & eat.
C. Clueless.
D. Zippity Doo Dah.
E. Satisfaction Guar-an-teed.

25. What's the Wackier answer of these?
A. follow the finger, Imus.
B. Organ grinder, sign language.
C. say the magic word, Bambi.
D. Back to normal, like from A - to - Z.
E. Bi-Coastal, because I said so.

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